Tips For Summer Boiler Care


Tips For Summer Boiler Care

We’re all enjoying this lovely warm weather we are getting across Northern Ireland this Summer boiler caresummer. During summer it’s easy to forget about our boilers, we turn off the heating and don’t give it a second thought until the winter months arrive and we need them again. However, at Belfast Heating Services we would like remind you about the importance of keeping your boiler serviced and well-maintained ready for the switch on when the cold weather turns.

Issues That Can Arise With Your Boiler During the Summer

1. Dirt and Dust Gathering in the System

Having your boiler system turned off and idle for long periods of time can lead to dust and dirt gathering within the system. The accumulation of dirt and grit in your boiler can lead to more serious problems such as; pipe corrosion, blockages in the system and less efficient running of the boiler. To help prevent dust and dirt gathering within your boiler, it is recommended you switch on your boiler once a month during the warmer months,you can set a reminder or use the boiler’s timer system to regularly switch the boiler on.

2. The Valves within the System Can Become Jammed

Thermostatic Radiator Valves can become jammed if they’re left closed for too long during the summer months. This means when you try to re-open the valves they may not function correctly. Don’t take the risk of leaving the valves closed for long periods of time, regularly open the valves to help prevent them from jamming shut. It is also recommended that you turn your radiators on once a month in order to allow warm water to flow from the boiler through the system.

Tips For Summer Boiler Care

When the cold weather comes around, all across Northern Ireland, boilers will be fired up to help us escape the cold. This is when any faults or issues with your boiler will come to light, right when you need it most. The first sign of cold weather tends to be the busiest time for heating services, therefore, be smart this summer and have your boiler seen to by a Belfast Heating Services engineer. You may also try these simple tips to prevent any unnecessary damage to your boiler:

  • Switch your boiler on once a month.
  • If your boiler is over 10 years old, summer is a great time to have it replaced.
  • If you suspect any issues, call B.H.S to have our engineers call out and fix any problems before the cold weather hits.
  • Remember to turn on your radiators periodically to all the Thermostatic Radiator Valves to open, preventing them from jamming.
  • The summer is an ideal time to service your boiler to prevent any faults and ensuring your boiler is running as efficiently as possible before the winter season. Unserviced boilers have an increased risk of releasing carbon monoxide. Call B.H.S to arrange your summer service to ensure the safest and most efficient running of your boiler for you and your family.

Be Warm, Be Safe.


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