Prepare Your Boiler For Winter


Prepare Your Boiler For Winter

Autumn has well and truly begun! The temperature is dropping and the rain is back! This is the perfect time to give your boiler a little TLC to ensure it is working efficiently and reliably for the coming winter. We have listed some of Belfast Heating Services’ Top Tips on how to prepare your boiler for winter to make sure you can #BeWarmBeSafe.

How to prepare your boiler for winter

Top Tips On How To Prepare Your Boiler For Winter:


An annual boiler service is crucial to ensuring your boiler works as efficiently and effectively as possible. A boiler service, allows our expert engineers to check the components of your boiler for any deterioration that may cause damage to your boiler and system. An annual boiler service can help prevent any unnecessary boiler breakdowns which could really help you save money later down the line. In order to prepare your boiler for winter, be sure to get your boiler service conducted by a B.H.S Oftec and Gas Safe registered heating engineer to ensure the safety of you and your family.


During the winter months, standing water in your pipework can freeze. This can cause your pipes to freeze which will cause your boiler to stop working. Insulating your pipes or keeping your heating on at a constant low temperature can help to prevent this from happening. Use the months ahead of winter to ensure your pipework is insulated and prevent unwanted frost from forming during the winter months. Should the water in your pipework freeze, you can defrost them simply by pouring over warm water them. If you would like more advice regarding frozen pipes or defrosting your pipes call Belfast Heating Services to talk to our friendly advisors.


Carbon monoxide is odourless and tasteless therefore easy for a leak to go unnoticed. Carbon monoxide leaks are very serious and can be potentially fatal if you’re unknowingly exposed to large amounts of  a for long  periods. Due to the more common use of your boiler more during the winter months, it’s worth investing in a Carbon monoxide alarm as regular smoke detectors will not detect carbon monoxide in your home. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your home is quick and easy to do and could potentially save your life. Belfast Heating Services stock a range of cost-effective carbon monoxide alarms can can easily install one for you, call B.H.S now to discuss this easy but effective way for protecting you and your family.


A common cause of loss of heat from your heating system is the boiler pressure dropping. Your boiler should typically have a pressure found between 1 and 1.5 bar. When your boiler loses pressure, this can have an impact on efficiency levels and it’s therefore advised that this is rectified as soon as possible. If your pressure is dropping or has dropped, it’s likely that you’ll experience a reduced supply of hot water around your system. To avoid this from happening, it’s advised that you keep an eye on your boiler pressure, if the pressure drops you can increase this using the filling loop.

If your boiler pressure is constantly dropping or increasing, We advise that you seek the advice of one of Belfast Heating Services’ Gas Safe registered heating engineers.


Before the winter months arrive, it’s a good idea to test run your heating system and conduct a check on your radiators. If your radiators are cold towards the bottom when calling for heat, you may have trapped air within the radiator. To remove this, all you’ll need to do is to bleed the radiator. If you would appreciate some advice on this matter call B.H.S to speak to an engineer today.

However, cold spots on radiators can be an indicator of larger problem. Sludge build up and dirty water passing through your heating system is associated with cold spots on radiators and can cause poor performance and even result in boiler breakdown. Therefore, if you find bleeding the radiators has not solved the problem, your system may need to be powerflushed. It is  imperative that any such issues are fixed as soon as possible to prevent any costly boiler breakdowns. Powerflushing is a service which Belfast Heating Services can provide, call us now to speak to one of our engineers.


In the months approaching winter it’s a good idea to test your boiler is working properly by running it for a few hours one evening before cold weather sets in. This will allow you to check your system is running correctly and ensure gas safety.

Keeping your boiler healthy over the winter, will help your #BeWarmBeSafe. Regular maintenance will also make your heating system much more cost effective, as your boiler will be running more efficiently.

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