Easy Steps to Prevent Boiler Breakdowns and Repairs


Easy Steps to Prevent Boiler Breakdowns and Repairs

Boiler breakdowns and repairs can prove to be an unnecessary cost that can be put off with simple yet effective advice from your local heating experts here at B.H.S. On this article Belfast Heating Services will provide you with their top tips to avoid future boiler repair and breakdowns.

1. Annual Servicing

Boiler breakdownsBoilers are like people, they need to look after their health to maximise their performance and durability. Giving your boiler an annual service will reap you the rewards avoiding boiler breakdowns and repair. It will last longer and work far more efficiently, thus saving you money as well as worry and stress. Not only will our boiler specialists at Belfast Heating Services check the necessary safety of your boiler but also we will carry out performance checks maximising performance of your boiler. Call the B.H.S team today on 02895 219226 and let us ensure you stay warm and safe.

2. Boiler Pressure

Boiler breakdownsYour boiler will not run properly if the pressure is too low. The right pressure is vital for your boilers health. It is easy to check the boiler pressure on your gas heating system as there is a dial on the front of the boiler. For oil boilers this is a little more tricky as oil pressure is set from the oil pump. If you feel pressure is an issue for your boiler contact Belfast Heating Services today and let our boiler repair specialists put your mind at rest.

3. Bleed Radiators

Boiler breakdownsIf you find your radiators are not heating up properly, you may need to bleed them. When you bleed your radiator you release trapped air which prevents them from filling correctly which keeps part or all of your radiators cold. When you ensure your radiators are working properly you are extending the lifespan and performance of your boiler. If you need your radiators balanced call Belfast Heating Services and we can help have your heating system working to the highest efficiency it should be thus keeping your home warm and safe.

4. Pipe Insulation

Boiler breakdownsPrevention is easier than a repair so lag your pipes. Northern Ireland’s weather is notorious for change so here at B.H.S we recommend that you insulate your pipes. If you have visions of being on your hands and knees with yards of material, don’t worry. Most good D.I.Y shops sell ready made pipe insulation that slip over your pipes in a matter of minutes. If this is something you cannot see yourself doing then phone the B.H.S team and we can help you. Be Warm, Be Safe.

5. Power Flush


Boiler breakdownsBoiler breakdownsA power flush does a power of good. As time flies past us, sludge and debris build up in your boiler system which has a natural negative effect on your boiler efficiency. You can have it deep cleaned by Belfast Heating Services carrying out a power flush on your central heating system. This will clear out the muck and sludge from the pipes and radiators ensuring you get maximum heat at a lower cost. This power flush will also prolong the life of your boiler thus preventing any unnecessary boiler breakdowns and repairs. Call Belfast Heating Services on 02895 219 226 and let our specialists look after your heating system with a power flush.

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