About Us

Belfast Heating Services

After working for multiple years in the plumbing and heating industry, we decided to set up Belfast Heating Services to lead the industry in what we believe it should be. Our aim is to provide our country with a professional and reliable service and become a name that local people can depend on when it comes to their heating needs. We have seen most of the workmanship provided by other companies over these years and the customer service they have provided, which brought us to the stage of opening our own company as we know we excel in our customer relationships and are standard setters in the quality of work we provide. After years of talking between each other about how other companies have left customers heating systems we had a eureka moment sitting over a coffee one day after work. We decided instead of talking about other companies jobs, why not start our own company and raise the bar to the standard other companies will need to meet. So we did, we went out and set up Belfast Heating Services with an aim and a will to serve our community with our core values and fairness. Contact B.H.S to speak to your local heating experts. Be Warm, Be Safe.